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Aviation Medical Certificates

First-, Second-, and Third-Class and Air Traffic Controller Aviation Medication Examinations

Auren Weinberg MD, MBA is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner providing Medical Aviation Services. At Aviation Medicine, Dr. Weinberg provides Medical Aviation services that are convenient, efficient, and accurate. Dr. Weinberg is a private pilot with a passion for aviation and a mission to keep our skies and pilots safe. 

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Our Services

Medical Aviation Services

First-, Second-, and Third-Class Aviation Medical Examinations

Air Traffic Controller Medicals

FAA On-Board ATCS Examinations, FAA Pre-Employment ATCS Applicant Examinations, and FAA Employees who require First-, Second-, and Third-Class Aviation Medical Certificates


Circumstances requiring further evaluation including Special Issuances and FAA requests for additional information

ATC Medical Examiner

Aviation Medicine provides medical examinations for pilots of all classes and air traffic controllers.  Our offices are conveniently located next to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (KPIE) and West Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI).  We offer free transportation to and from these airports to our offices, kindly let us know your needs when you schedule your appointment. 

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PBI airport location:

1601 Belvedere Road Suite E401

West Palm Beach, FL 33406. 

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14004 Roosevelt Blvd Suite 604

Clearwater, FL 33762

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